ADAKS is one of the best leading electrical and mechanical engineering supplies office that provides products for electrical power supply, automation and distribution of electricity. At ADAKS we care about customer satisfaction, targets fulfillment and leadership. We seek the competitive advantages all the time.

Our products range from cables, light switches, electrical circuit breakers to control systems that manage entire power networks and factories. We are pioneers in the field of mechanical seals as we are the unique distributor of the following:

  • Metalized Carbon Corporation, METCAR PRODUCTS in USA.
  • Raw Material used in Manufactering Different Industrial Products such TEFLON GRAPHITE and TEFLON GRAPHITE with BRASS.

ADAKS has been established in Egypt since 1996, with its first major office in Abo-Aldardaa, Alex. At 2008, we had our second office in Sabaa Banat, Alex. At 2010, we have become a Schneider Authorized Retailer.

ADAKS supplies a wide range of power and automation products in Egypt to serve the rising local demand for increased electrical infrastructure in order to fight the national economic recession. Customers are considered the Kings of ours, ranging from small, and medium to large size of business.